Marian devotion, Lead us forth, Lead us on to the light,
Gentle mother, Be our guide, Lead us forth to the light.
In humility, May each serve, In the truth of the Christ,
In Loving service, May we live, From ourselves, let us
Help us mother, to reach out, Walk the roads that lead home,
Keep us simple in word and thought, As we journey to our
eternal home.
Help us be strong and true, Obedient to your son and
May we be a beacon high, Of your virtues, O so true.
Stand united through thick and thin, Taking care of the God
Walking in the footsteps tall, Answering our heavenly call.
As we listen to those in need, Help us Mother, to pay
To the unspoken hidden plea, Justice rendered, help us
Visitation, supreme gift, Help us see the need there in,
Wherever we go , a light to be, Happy faces, happy hearts so
Marian intercessor, Divine light, Help us walk through
each night,
A lamp upon each hilltop stand, O gentle star at every
Mother Mary, Lead us to, Lead us to the light you see,
Guide our footsteps, lead the way, In your mantle, we will stay.